The Complex of Narcisism Brings Veronika to Suicide? A Travel to the Discovery of the Intelligence of the Heart

Calogera Augello


This paper examines the motivations which bring the protagonist of the novel " Veronika decides to die," written by Paolo Coelho in 1996, to decide to commit suicide. Particularly, the study analyzes Veronika's difficulties caused by a form of narcisism that, together with a high degree of conformism, bring her to the decision to put an end to "what people called life ",

           The analysis is on the enlightenments which give Veronika the idea of what it means to be alive and focus  on her psychological journey from her 'normal' life to a new desirable and fresh one, outside the asylum's walls of a psychiatric hospital. Considerations are made on the relationship Veronika has with her parents, mainly with her mother, and with the sexuality she experiences at Villete, the psychiatric hospital.

         Furthermore, the analysis has been on her approach to conformism and respectability through which she has built a false image of  herself with difficulies to manage her emotions. It is in this direction that Veronika understands that the heart affects the way she perceives and reacts to the world around her, she perceives that the success in life depends more on an her ability to manage her emotions than on the intellectual ability of her brain. 


narcisism, mother, sexuality, conformism, respectability, suicide

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