Fork in the Road: La Malinche’s Role in the Conquest of Mexico

Samantha Kountz


The topic of La Malinche is a delicate one not only because of the extraordinary lack of historical data about her, but also because of the extreme social reactions to whatever parts of her story we have. Malinche is either loved or hated in such extremes that her story is rarely touched upon by neutral forces. As fascinating as these studies of Malinche’s influence are, there is not enough evidence for a true personal profile of Malinche. There is however enough evidence from the writings of the participating Spaniards and natives to assess how much influence Malinche had in the conquest of Mexico. By comparing different texts, the argument can be made that Malinche was within a position of importance amongst the Spaniards, and grew only stronger after her decision to deliver intelligence that would lead to the massacre at Cholula.



Mexico, Cortes, Malinche, History, Cholula, Colonialism.

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