Etude de la Fonction de la Dénomination Chez un Patient Aphasique

Amina Klibi


The main issue of the article is due to language pathology matters. It presents a case study of an aphasic patient. The objective is essentially to investigate the patient production in terms of paraphasia and the phenomenon of Category specific semantic deficit. The function of denomination is then analyzed on the basis o a visual stimulus.  The type of aphasia discussed is ‘conduction aphasia’. This choice is mainly rooted from the fact that it is mostly associated with the abundant production of paraphasias. Some results of the performed tasks indicate high concordance with theories dealing with linguistic deficits of aphasic patients.  During the denomination task, the patient shows a high production of paraphasic errors of varied types. However, this task is unable to prove the existence of category specific semantic deficit. This is only achieved on the basis of the other tasks in which letter and number denomination show to be selectively well retained. A secondary objective is to study the same issues in French and to compare the findings with those discussed in the Tunisian dialect. The analysis proves that the linguistic deficit appears in both languages with certain differences.


Category-specific Semantic Deficit, Conduction aphasia, Denomination, Paraphasia.

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