Environment-related Human Rights Violations in the Niger Delta in Nigeria.

Wafaa Taleb


The present paper aims at describing the deleterious human and environmental impacts of the multinational oil companies operations in the Niger Delta in Nigeria. It also tends to make clear the two concepts of "human rights" and "environmental rights" as defined by different international organisations, and thereby demonstrate that the enjoyment of correct environmental conditions is in itself a fundamental human right.

In the Niger Delta region in Nigeria, since the very beginning of oil production in 1956, the local communities have known no rest undergoing the consequences of massive environmental degradation owing to oil exploration and exploitation activities, frequent oil spills and gas flaring. This environmental degradation resulted, inter alia, in a declining fish catch, poor crop yields and impoverishment of the soil in addition to other health consequences that prevented local communities from enjoying their fundamental environmental rights.


Niger Delta; Environment; Human Rights.

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