The Tailor’s Needle: Its Global Journey

Vivek Kumar Dwivedi



Every literary work carries a history behind it. Some of them make important part of understanding the work itself. Their journey from first being conceptualised to being out in the market, gives a glimpse in the life of the author as well as the whole process of growth and development of that literary work. Some journeys are more interesting than others. The publication journey and response of the readers to The Tailor’s Needle is so intriguing that make it a subject of study and discussion.


This paper traces (a) the story of the publication of The Tailor’s Needle, (b) the strange fate and circumstances of the novel’s current status, (c) the responses to this novel, and how all these are related to the postcoloniality that the novel foregrounds. The masters and the men seem to be knit together by ties that are strong enough to continue to bind the two cultures together through a network that is scarcely noticed. This article indicates how the masters are still excited by the colonies they have left decades ago and sometimes, in spite of every effort outwardly made, still keep getting into the trap of the “we” and the “they”.


Postcolonial, Lakshmi Raj Sharma, India, Commonwealth, Global, Literary agents.

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