The Ugliness of War in the Perspective of the Speaking Dead in the poems of Wilfred Owen and Sherko Bekas

Najat Ismael Sayakhan, Kwestan Jamal


War and its ugly consequences have always been and are still a rich source of inspiration for poets. They try to convey their message about peace, equality, and justice in a realistic and chilling way and they try to bring to light the gruesome experience of war, they do not glorify war. Thousands of young men left their homes with the conviction that war was honorable and glorious. However, those very few who survived the war, returned changed, wiser, and more cynical, they experienced the horrors of the war first hand. Many turned to writing or became artists, trying to escape from the trauma of war. The name ‘war poetry’ might be misleading somewhat, because it is actually the anti-war poetry, it is an attack against the whole ideology of nobleness of war.

Those anti-war poets try to depict the sick-of-war people in the truest way. In their lines of verse, they bring out the damages caused by war. War reaches many fields of life of which humanity is the most prominent and most sensitive; for instance, human costs have always been the largest.


The researchers aim at showing the ugliness of war in the perspectives of the English poet Wilfred Owen in his “Strange Meeting” and the Kurdish poet Sherko Bekas in his “Goristani Chrakan” (Graveyard of Lamps). The authors first try to pinpoint the imaginary journey the narrator starts into the tunnel of death in “Strange Meeting” where he meets the enemy he had killed the day before. Next they accompany the second narrator in his journey to the underworld where he depicts the dead in, according to Sharifi (, a “panorama of humanity” in “Goristani Chrakan” where he escorts a female spirit and victim of a notorious genocide. In the last section, the authors identify the points of similarity and difference between the two masterpieces.



comparative, poetry, war poetry, anti-war poets, speaking dead, Strange Meeting, Graveyard of Lamps, imagery, sound effects.

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