A Female Bangladeshi’s Quest for Her New Identity in Monica Ali’s Brick Lane: A Textual Analysis

Ashti Anawr Muhammed


This study investigates the identity of the Bangladeshi protagonist Nazneen in Brick Lane. Textual approach is used to understand how Nazneen uses her identity in England, which is changeable. Certain topics such as life, death and loneliness are crystal clear in Brick Lane. The novel portrays a hero who experiences and needs to manage a breakdown and can be elucidated by emotional meltdowns. It is significant for Nazneen to be a non-native. The setting of the novel is today's London, and can be considered as Bildungsroman.[1] Although it may not be clear at the beginning, yet identity is a key subject in Ali's novel the to some extent weird blend of characters confront ground-breaking choices, despair and identity crisis. This character is mind boggling and fascinating with regards to the topics mentioned above, and her identity inevitably develops. The character confronts misery, and identity issue. The study deals with Brick Lane with reference to identity via the themes of life, death and loneliness. Topics of women, fate and adoration and delight will assist to discover the identity crisis of Nazneen.

[1] It is a type of novel that pursues the development of the hero or heroine from childhood or adolescence into adulthood, via a troubled search for identity (Baldick 35). 



Nazneen, Brick Lane, Love, death, marriage & identity.

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