Occultism and Modern Humans Uncertainty in Eliot's Four Quartets

Asma Jasim Muhammad


Mysticism is a religious tradition that has existed quite a while ago in each religion, society that affects literature, and shows an immediate experience of the Divine. It has been a rich topic for poets who have since quite a while ago utilized it to add intensity and insight to their verse. A few writers have utilized certain mystical components to pass on specific viewpoints and answers concerning universal and individual issues.

This papers intends to explore how T. S. Eliot uses mystical components like "paradox", "the Centre" and "Via Negativa" in his Four Quartets to recall readers of his poems of their divine value and the approach they should pursue to obtain redemption, and relief from the doubt of human beings, on two levels; the mystical and individual that prevailed during atrocities and anarchy of the second World War. 


Occultism, T. S. Eliot, Four Quartets, Paradox & the Mystical Centre.

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