Enhancing cross-cultural Communication through conceptual metaphor awareness: The case of 1st year Magister literature students at Laghouat University, Algeria (2013-2014)

Sara Mechraoui-Salmi


In this research, the case for conceptual metaphor analysis of literary texts is put forward as an attempt to incorporate both linguistic and pragmatic analysis in the teaching of literature in foreign language classes. Our research, under the lakovian analysis of language and culture-specific metaphors, explored the many ways that metaphor shapes and influences the comprehension of literary texts. Students of first year ‘Magister’ degree in literature at Laghouat University enrolled in the course in 2013-2014, were the targeted sample of the study which was implemented according to the objectives of the course. Using congruent quantitative assessment of the subjects’ performances in the experimental group and the control group in a sequence of studies, metaphor awareness hypothesis has been tested to show its effects on learners’ achievements in acquiring, integrating and recalling culture specific elements in the chosen texts. The findings of the study confirm that conceptual metaphors sustain cultural interaction in EFL literature classes.



conceptual metaphor, cross-cultural communication, literature.

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