The Effect of Time Pressure on Saudi Students’ Reading Fluency

Faruk Syed Md. Golam, Sayed Mohammed Abdul Karim


The paper investigates the effect of time pressure on Saudi students’ reading fluency on the basis of the hypothesis that the time pressure alone can bring a significant change as the Saudi students are not motivated to utilize their acquired reading competence when they read something new. The study was conducted with 24 King Khalid University level 1 students from the science, commerce and arts faculties for 9 weeks. The students’ timed reading was found to have a significant impact on their reading speed and comprehension. At the end of the study, their reading speed increased from 30 WPM (Words Per Minute) to 40 WPM with the simultaneous improvement of reading comprehension—from the mean score of 3.95 to the mean score of 4.83 out of five.


timed reading, reading speed, reading comprehension, Saudi Arabia.

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