Investigating the Necessity of ICT Usage in Teaching Business English at Tertiary Level: The Higher Institute of Human Sciences Medenine as a Case study

Nesrine Hamdani


The globalization of economy coupled with technology explosion in society and the status of English as a world language have a great impact upon the teaching and learning of English worldwide. The business world is challenging those of us who teach business English to make use of technology in a more 21st century manner. This paper addresses the question of whether content and methods of teaching business English must be reframed to align with the 21st digital century. It seeks to investigate whether or not it is necessary to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools in teaching business English at tertiary level from learners’ perspective and the extent to which those materials can be effective. To serve the purpose of the current study, a questionnaire is delivered to 3rd year business English students aiming at eliciting their perceptions of the integration of ICT materials into classroom activities and its effectiveness. The data revealed that ICT use in learning business English is perceived as unnecessary and misleading unless it is implemented efficiently and under the provision of key factors the most important of which is students’ share of ICT tools with the teacher in the classroom.


Information and Communication Technologies – Business English – Necessity of ICT use – Tertiary level.

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