Contentment in Islam: A Marker of Happiness, Richness, Self-Sufficiency, and Tranquility

Nazmi Al-Shalabi


 This   paper  argues  that  contentment is  an  inner  feeling  that  is  a   marker  of  richness ,Happiness,   self- sufficiency, and tranquility. The discussion shows that contentment   is  the  core of  richness, a paradise  on earth, the  greatest  door that  a  Muslim  enters  to Allah, and the bringer  of peace  of mind for  the worshipper. The conclusion emphasizes the  necessity ofadopting  contentment  as  a way  of  living  on the  grounds  that  it  is  expressive  of  richness, happiness, tranquility,  and  satisfaction (ridha).


self-satisfied; happy; content; ask; within; rich.

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