Spiritual and Moral Challenges in the Contemporary World and Educational Strategies to Overcome the Issue

Mohammad Reza Sharafi


An outstanding feature of human is to reflect on the structure of the universe and the material world as well as the relationship between oneself and world figures. His mind will be satisfied only when the ratio is meaningful. To drive this goal, in addition to the awareness of the inner world, he has to reveal the secrets of the outside world. In such circumstances, he can be attuned to the world around and experience the sense of alienation between himself and the surrounding world through an understanding of his own unity; otherwise, feel alienated of the world and is forced to just watch and bear life to experience the real life.

To establish a relationship with the meaning of life as a subset of the universe for human is extremely difficult because complexities and difficulties of the modern era are in the way that understanding the above complexities and adjusting oneself to them is not simply possible. Some of the difficulties and challenges of the contemporary world can be investigated in making religion, moral matters, and the hereafter as a unique matter, technology factor, proliferation, and fragmentation of science, individualism, crisis in self-recognition and other factors.

Education presents some teachings to deal with such problems and challenges through which can can make balance within such a world. The most important of these teachings include finding the meaning of life. In the realm of philosophy, psychology and psychotherapy, one can search for answers to the meaning of life. Besides that, religion, mysticism, ethics and spirituality also hold a stake in the field and can persuade their mind to the point of satisfaction. In this article, some of the functions of education in the face of the challenges are presented.


ethics, spirituality, education, education strategies.

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