Evaluating the Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Social Security Organization Pensioners’ Satisfaction

Shabnam Ebrahimi Kolandarag, Amirhossein Amirkhani


This study aimed to investigate the role of corporate social responsibility on social security organization pensioners’ satisfaction. All pensioners of social security organization were selected as the research population that using Cochran’s sampling method 384 samples were selected that after the distribution of 450 questionnaires, 420 questionnaires were completed. This study is conducted by descriptive correlation method and the data collection was done by questionnaire. To evaluate the research variables the questionnaire with Likert scale was used to measure the variables. The validity is confirmed by the experts and the reliability is approved by Cronbach's alpha of 0.813. For fitting the model the path analysis and to analyze the condition of research hypotheses the structural modeling were used. The results show that the variables corporate social responsibility (legal social responsibility, ethical social responsibility, voluntary social responsibility and economic social responsibility) affects social security organization pensioners’ satisfaction. However, the effect of ethical social responsibility on pensioners’ satisfaction has been more than the other variables. 


responsibility, corporate social responsibility, pensioners’ satisfaction, social security organization.

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