L’Errance dans Le Cœur n’est pas un Genou que l’On plie de Mariama Barry

Jatoe-Kaleo, Baba Abraham


Errancy is a mental state, a journey made introspectively, a search for the truth or a rejection of society. Errancy as a notion has always perplexed and disquieted people […] Our interest in this article revolves around the way in which Mariama Barry presents the subject in her novel One does not bend the heart as one does the knee […] This theme appears to be very important to Mariama Barry, so much so that she hints at it in her dedication to the novel: One does not bend the heart as one does the knee. Also, the book is dedicated to “children of today and those of yester years, separated from their parents.” […] The theme of errancy is by its very nature interdisciplinary.


Errancy, maroons, incessant movement, separation, alienation, psychological torments, indeterminacy, evolution, incompleteness, inaccessibility, vagabondage, abandoned child, tossed to and fro, navétane, social disintegration.

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