Fostering global participation: The long term impact of social cooperation in oil industry

Mohammad Rezaie Narimisa, Manouchehr Rezaie Narimisa


The growth and expansion of the cities in the world including such topics is that of urban areas on the one hand the minds of thinkers to their busy and on the other hand, the effects and the consequences of people's lives are influenced by it. Different patterns of growth and development of cities in different countries around the world and runs a continuous review of the effects of its patterns of importance this issue not only in the field of urban management issues that people in everyday life as well. Oil refinery development plan as one of the policies of the development of cities in the world, followed by a study of the various aspects of this project and to consider all the factors involved in it in developed countries. But employing no study and in some cases economic justification in developing cities, have the following negative consequences and that the settlement will require a review and study. Iran is also important as a tool for the oil refinery to inhibit urban economic development. In this case Tehran oil refinery selected as a case study for social impact assessment strategies in oil industry. In this design, the oil refinery according to the population forecast developed policies and plans on the horizon for the city and the metropolitan area as well as with considering the environmental capacity, services and infrastructure facilities in the city and the social, economic and cultural characteristics that can be set.


Oil refinery, policies, Tehran oil refinery, social impact assessment strategies, oil industry.  

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