Integrating Comprehension Strategies into Oil Industry Social Studies

Mohammad Rezaie Narimisa, Manouchehr Rezaie Narimisa


Pay attention to the social and cultural dimensions in the implementation of construction projects and urban of the 1970 decade of interest to developed countries. In fact, social assessment in order to reduce the amount of the order in the shadow of new technologies and environmental influences, it emerged. For the first time in the year 1969 in environmental policy, law, assessment of the environmental effects for all projects was approved by the Executive and for the first time in the project construction of a pipeline to Alaska that influences the implementation of the project on Aboriginal culture about review. Gradually the other countries of the world in the fields of interest, and also in Australia and New Zealand. In this research Tehran oil refinery and its development plan has been selected as case study. 


Social assessment, Environmental policy, Environmental effects, environmental influences, Tehran oil refinery.

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