Social impact assessment of oil refinery in Iran, a case study Tehran oil refinery

Mohammad Rezaie Narimisa, Manouchehr Rezaie Narimisa


Log in industry, especially the modern service industry to local communities caused changes in the structure of the region: one of the results Industrial Development Zone in the field of industrial development. In most cases this has not led to the social development of the region.  And the failure to achieve social development in many cases may cause disruption in the promotion of industrial development projects and is sent. The financial and non-financial losses many have followed: while that can be achieved in a specific program. As with social development, in addition to increasing the positive effects and reduce negative impacts on the sustainability of social development and the benefits of it in the region and also helped in the country. In this research by focus on social impact assessment of Tehran oil refinery results indicate the new part of social impact assessment in the field of oil industry.


Local communities, Industrial development, Social impact assessment, Tehran oil refinery, oil industry.

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