Investigation of Academic Staff Members and Students’ Viewpoints about Current and Desired Teaching Evaluation Methods of Academic Staff Members at University of Guilan, Iran

Nader Ofoghi, Abbas Sadeghi, Farhad Asghari, Hosein Vahed Chokadeh


The goal of present study is to investigate the academic staff members’ evaluation methods, at University of Guilan from academic staff members and students’ viewpoints. In this study, current status has been compared to its desired status. Research instrument was research-made questionnaire and its validity was confirmed through content validity. For measuring the reliability of questionnaire, Chronbach's Alfa was applied that 0.82 was acquired. This study is practical in terms of goal and is descriptive_ analytical in terms of data collecting. Statistical population was 1700 students and 400 professors in educational year 2010_2011 at university of Guilan that 250 students and 40 professors were studied through stratified sampling. The main results of study showed that there is no significant difference between faculty members and students' attitudes toward current evaluation methods. In the other words, faculty members and students have different opinions toward current and desired evaluation method. Regarding the results of Pearson correlation coefficient and significant level of current and desired evaluation, it can be said with 95% of confidence that faculty members and students have different attitudes toward current and desired evaluation method. In the other word, there is a negative and significant correlation between current and desired evaluation from academic staff members’ perspective, and positive correlation from students’ perspective. Mentioned case's could remove specified weakness points and are helpful way for specialists and course, educational planners and evaluators.


evaluation, teaching, university.

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