The residential complex designed with sustainable design approach in the region Elgoli

Mir Saeed Mousavi, Jahed Jafarimand


According to the climatic conditions and on the basis of its design and also comply with the conditions of any existing building greater regional role in saving energy consumption is. The present study was designed to investigate and determine the optimal climate conditions based on Tabriz and offer architectural design strategies for more coordination of climate climatic; according with the environment around her and use the maximum of the potential natural and environmental and energy saving in energy consumption and raising the quality of life in the city of Tabriz, comfort. Overall this research, trying to show the theoretical framework of sustainable architecture with the approach of the various funds and the architecture. Including the reduction of resource consumption cannot renew, develop the natural environment and remove or reduce consumption of harmful toxic substances on nature and how to apply it in the building industry can be effective and efficient funds and properties of the architecture. So according to the presented topics can be found in the concept of the development of green architecture present in clean and healthy environment a managed deployment, based on the effective exploitation of renewable natural resources and the anerge cleaner in compliance with the principles of ecological. Therefore, the ultimate goal of sustainable building design, environmental injuries, minimizing the consumption of energy resources and more coordination with the nature. Climatic design in Tabriz, Iran must be based on the criteria in the cold and dry climate, climatic design. On the other hand with respect to temperature, humidity, rainfall and ranges need to shade and Sun in the city of Tabriz that characterized the city in most months of the year needs to solar energy for heating spaces. The aim of this study was to design a residential complex with the approach of sustainable design in the area of IL Goli Tabriz.


Climate, Energy, Climatic design, Sustainable design.

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