The Translation of The Implicit Organizational meaning from English into Arabic in "Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Address"

Suha M.J. Khaffaf, Suhair Safwat, Areej M. A. AL-Jawadi


This study investigates how implicit organizational meaning is translated from English into Arabic by analyzing (Obama’s speech "State of the Union Address" 2015) including the English version and the Arabic translations according to Larson's model (1984). Translating implicitness is based on exploring Implicit organizational meaning which is the meaning that results from leaving some referential information that occur in the semantic structure i.e. grammar implicit, so that to indicate old information, to add cohesion, or in some cases to mark theme or focus. For instance, passive constructions is used by some languages to indicate focus, and by using such construction, part of the meaning must be left implicit since the agent is not indicated.

The study aims at exploring the most appropriate translation for the implicit organizational meaning from English into Arabic in the presidential speech (Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Address), to see how they have been realized grammatically and lexically. The analysis goes with line of Larson (1984) which has been adopted as model in the analysis of the presidential speech. The study comes out that implicit organizational meaning is widely used in Obama presidential speech because of the common use of political deictic pronouns. 



Implicit Organizational meaning, translation, Obama, Union Address.

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