Decoding of Colors in AsadiTusi’s Garshaspname

Youssef Nikrouz, Mahmoud Hamidi Baladan


Mythical meanings sometimes appear in the form and template colors. In fact, the language of colors is a symbolic and mysterious language and this meaningfulness mysterious function of colors especially in the epic literature has substantial extension and diversity. AsadiTusi’s Garshaspname interacts many of the concepts and mythological beliefs in the language of colors and the way they are in contrast with each other. In the present study which is conducted based on case study and library resources with evidence from Garshasbname text, it is attempted to understand colors’ link with meanings and mythological beliefs by decoding them. The results of the present study have indicated that each of the six colors of "white", "black", "yellow", "red", "green" and "blue" in addition to the descriptive functions, in many cases they indicate cosmic symbolism, inner traits of individuals, religious beliefs, divine and evil effects and many other concepts.


Garshaspname, myth, colors, code, symbol.

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