Social Stratification and Sense of Belongingness in Athol Fugard’s The

Saeed Yazdani


In discussing social stratification, one is tempted to turn to the interesting and much debated structural problems like nature of man, the role he plays in society, and composition of classes. The important question here is: Who gets what and why? This is the question, that underlies all the discussions of classes, strata and their structural relationships; this question, has been related to the distributive process that in turn has lead to inequality that prevails most of the societies in the world. No known society has ever enjoyed a completely egalitarian social system. From the ancient times to the modern ages, inequality has been prevailing in the world. However, this social inequality has been condemned as unjust, unwarranted, and unnecessary.  An attempt is made in the present article, to trace the afore-said inequality and degeneration of humanity in Athul Fugard’s The Island.



Stratification, degeneration, Fugard, the Island, inequality.

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