The Role of Strategic Information System Characteristics on Customer Service Quality (An Empirical Study at Soran and Sardam Private Hospitals in Iraqi Kurdistan Region Erbil City)

Ahlam Ibrahim Wali, Zana Majed Sadq, Jwan Sadulah Rasheed


This study empirically seeks to examine the role of strategic information system characteristics represented by four dimensions (reliability, cost, time, and flexibility) on customer service quality that represented by four dimensions as well (courtesy, competence, communication, and credibility). In conducting this study data collected through primary sources using a survey questionnaire from a random sample of 43 participants. Questionnaire consists of (32) items measured on five point Likert scale. The obtained data was analyzed quantitatively using SPSS program version 20 for both descriptive statistical as well as analytical statistics. The result from this study reveals that there is a strong positive relationship between strategic information system characteristics and customer service quality, and statistically there is a significant strong impact of strategic information system characteristics on customer service quality


strategic information system, customer service, quality.

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