Studying the Role of Ecologic Environment in Human’s Mental and Physical Health

Manoochehr Tamizi, Arezoo Azar


The cities’ population is, considerably, increasing in the world and according to the statistics of the year 2008, more than half of the world population is living in cities. Population growth, development in the cities’ size and industrial development compression have, considerably, changed the main patterns of regional ecology, resulting in increased production of pollutants, influencing ecological environment of the cities. Certainly, one of the issues providing conditions for human prosperity and perfection in this and the other world is having a healthy and secure environment, so that human can train his soul and body under its shadow. Hence, one of the main responsibilities of human is to preserve his soul which might be achieved by living in a healthy and beautiful environment. Hence, the first condition to have a healthy soul is having healthy body and the healthy body is achieved only when human enjoys a pleasant and healthy environment. Living in a modern space, increased population and urbanism development, contemporary human has changed the cities into the environmental aggregations and various activities center. Hence, living in the modern cities is influential in creating intense neural and mental pressures more than ever. Most people are working during day time due to their daily life difficulties, hence these people can enjoy the environment only for short hours or even moments through going out of the urban environment after a busy working week and in attempt to get rid of work and mental fatigues.  While spending their leisure time, they can find relaxation through watching interesting views, walking in an environment far from mental business, crowd and annoying noises. Hence, currently it seems more necessary to design and construct spaces and buildings which can induce much relaxation to the people, having least intervention in the surrounding environment.


environment, ecologic, architecture, mental and physical health.

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