ESP Needs Analysis of Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Students: A Case in Iran

Amir Reza Nemat Tabrizi, Fatemeh Mojoudi Renani


Although a significant part of the Iranian university curriculum is English for Specific Academic Purposes (ESAP) courses, policy makers and curriculum developers have commonly developed the programs based on intuition and they have not considered the students’ needs. The present study designed to assess the present and target situation academic language needs of undergraduate students of mechanical engineering. The data were elicited from 120 undergraduates and 7 ESP teachers in an Islamic Azad University in Esfahan province, Iran. The instrumentation included a needs analysis questionnaire and semi-structured interview. Despite the fact that the participants’ perceptions of target situation needs were inconsistent, the findings revealed that the undergraduates had difficulties with most language skills and sub-skills. Moreover, they were not satisfied with their current ESP courses. Findings implied that renewing ESAP courses will be suggested.  


ESP; ESAP; Needs Analysis; Mechanical Engineering.

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