A model to explain the backgrounds of joining the imperial Army to Iran’s Islamic Revolution

Abbas Keshavarz Shokri, Mohammad Rahimian, Mahdieh Rahnama


The aim of this research is presenting a model to explain the backgrounds of joining the imperial army to Iran’s  Islamic revolution .The army was one of the most important group which accepted the policy of companionship and synchronization with the majority of the people in the accomplishment of Islamic revolution against the Pahlavi regime. It was while the king Mohammadreza was considered the army as a pillar of his power and he always was trying to reinforce it. The question of this research is what are the backgrounds of joining imperial army to Islamic revolution .The approach of this article is historical sociology and its method is inductive. Thus, after the identification of confounders and their relationship, a theoretical model will be presented to show the backgrounds of joining imperial army to Islamic revolution. According to the result of this research, the backgrounds of joining the army be revolutionary in the context of Islamic revolution are divided into three categories which are ideological, brokerage and structured grounds. The ideological   grounds of joining the army to revolutionary people are due to the belief of militaries to Islam teaching and the influence of revolutionary ideology that manifested in various cases, the brokerage grounds are due to the determining the power in kingdom system and the severe dependence of the Supreme commanders of military to the king . in the structural ground we can mention the structural dependence, patrimonial structure, the intensive military, the institutionalized and structural corruption in the army.


Imperial army, Islamic revolution, structured grounds ideological grounds.

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