An Anthropological Study of Clothes Used by the Iranian Tribes

Mohammadreza Shahbazi


 An attempt is made in the present paper to study the anthropological aspects of clothes among the Iranian tribes, with an emphasis of the clothes used by the Bakhtyari tribe, which is considered as one of the greatest and most ancient  tribes in Iran. The Iranian people’s clothes have played important role in the Iranian culture; these clothes are endowed with religious characteristics, and today they are considered as the most fundamental and recognized elements and symbols.  The form and color of the clothes are of importance in making them; these signs are associated with the beliefs of the Iranian people. As far as the importance of clothes in the Bakhtyari tribe is concerned, the making of the clothes in the tribe somehow depends upon the climatic conditions and religious beliefs. While making their clothes, the Bakhtyaris have presented their own beliefs in the society and the relationship between people; these people have made use of these clothes as important anthropological elements in bring people together. 


Clothes, Iranian people, anthropological elements, Bakhtyari.

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