Renovation process in Iran (From the beginning of Qajars period until the end of Abbas Mirza´s period)

Kaivan Shafei, Mohammad Ghorban Kiani


Iran has considered one of the universal empires in 17 century that was equivalent from the point of commercial and mercantile level. Iran’s equivalence position with west decadent from the end of 17 century and during all of 18 and 19 centuries and gradually has lost its position in world’s arena. In 19 century Iran changed to a backward country that was located in the margin of capitalism system of West. The first Iranians awareness of deep fraction between West and them reefer to after the Iran and Russian wars. Iranian wanted to recover their backwardness, therefore traveled to west. The first person that acted in this way was Abbas Mirza the prince of Fath Ali Shah-e Qajar. He sent a few students to study in foreign country and export some western equipments to the society. Political period of Abbas Mirza was very short and his transformation stopped because of his premature die.


capitalism civilization of West, reformation in Iran, Itinerary, Abbas Mirza.

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