The Effect of Content Feedback on Extroverted and Introverted English Learners' Reading Comprehension Ability

Karim Shabani, Samaneh Samarghandi, Elahe Mashayekh Bakhshi


The present study aims to explore the effectiveness of content feedback (CF) embedded into reading strategies on L2 learners' reading comprehension ability across extrovert/introvert personality style. To do so, 35 pre-intermediate learners studying in a private language institute in Chaloos, Mazandaran, Iran took part in this study comprising the experimental and control groups. The study followed the test-treatment-retest design to quantitatively assess the effect of content feedback on the learners' improvement. As to the qualitative part of the study, the teacher-learner talks were analyzed through conversation analytic (CA) perspective to examine the efficiency of treatment sessions. Semi-structured interview was also deployed to qualitatively probe into the learners' perceptions about teaching reading. The qualitative and quantitative results revealed the positive effect of CF on the learners’ reading comprehension ability. It was also concluded that the extroverted learners outperformed the introverted ones. Moreover, the learners in the experimental group believed that benefiting from content feedback can arm them with better learning environment paving the way for their reading development. On implication side, the study suggests that teaching reading skill by applying effective strategies as well as content feedback can result in improving the learners’ reading comprehension ability since they are interacting with the teacher as well as their peers, allowing them to self-regulate the reading comprehension process.



content feedback, reading comprehension, introversion, extroversion.

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