Studying the Effects of Residents’ Behavioral Patterns on Energy Consumption Profile in Residential Buildings (Municipality No.3, District 4, Tehran)

Hamidreza Saremi, Mehrdad Shahbazi


This study explores the relationship between residents’ behavioral patterns and their household energy consumption. Energy consumption profile for buildings depends on how H.VAC[1] system is used. This study examines behavioral patterns and applied indicators regarding energy consumption in buildings. The main research question is: How can energy consumption and profiles be calculated in buildings using residents’ behavioral and psychological patterns? To determine residents’ behavioral patterns, various differences such as light, heating and cooling devices, smoking, electric devices, and etc between these patterns and between buildings specifications and residents’ characteristics were examined. Research method was analytical-descriptive. Data was collected by field study using questionnaire. About 153 households received energy consumption behavioral patterns questionnaires designed based on yes/no options. But only 115 of the 153 filled out the question naires Responded. Based on research hypotheses, it seems that the lower the residents are socially and culturally, the higher the energy consumption level will be.

[1]Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning Systems (Air conditioning is not only cooling or heating. Rather, using air conditioning science will allow us to control air humidity, Debi, pollution, and velocity)



Behavioral patterns, energy consumption, heating, psychology, applied indicators.

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