Role of Public Space on Social Identity

Gelareh Sadeghi, Yuan Wang


There are different physical dimensions and characteristics, which help in defining the public space and its role in the identity of human beings. In addition, there is a general place-identity for each person which reflects his or her unique socialization in the physical world. This paper reveals that it is important to imagine place and space as a particular component of public self-identity. Place-identity is defined as those aspects that illustrate an individual's personal approach to the external environment using a critical point of conscious and subconscious values, feelings, aims, likes, skills, and behavioral activities related to a particular environment.. The paper seeks to address the relationship between people and their urban spaces.  To achieve this aim, the research method in this study is qualitative, which is included of literature review, observation and interview. The research shows the sociology and identity of a person is directly related to the space and surrounding. 


public space, self-identity, physical environment, urban planning.

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