Comparison of individual economic indicators in West and Iran

Abolfazl Nasri Nasrabadi, Reza Shokrani, Mehdi Toghyani


The wide range of human behavior and interaction can be achieved in communities for the provision of material conditions of life, with the help of relations and economic interactions. Attitudes, attitudes and behavior are decisive in the formation of these interactions, in short, as it is called in economic culture in the field of personal and social. Assessment of economic and cultural status quo and distance to the desired pattern drawn from Islamic teachings as overview, it requires indicators that can be offered using noble religious resources and knowledge of the current economy. This article will attempt to provide the most important shortcomings and cultural problems of production and consumption by the question what is the economic and cultural assessment indicators in the areas of production and consumption in Iran and the West? This article uses Analytical method for analyzing data.


Economic culture, consumer culture, Production cultural, Economic culture making, Economic Lifestyle, Economic training.

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