Hegira from Imam Khomeini’s perspective: Introversive migration and political migration: a case study

Zahed Ghaffari Hashjin, Mohammad Aghaei, Mohammadreza Fathimehr


Imam, Ruhollah Al-Mousavi Al-Khomeini has been one of the greatest leaders of the past century who has been responsible for the Islamic revolution of Iran. His mindset and intellectual system as a Shi’ite clergyman has been directly under the influence by Shi’ite political culture and “Hegira” is one of the most important components of Shi’ite political culture which has various dimensions. The main question proposed in the present article is that, according to Imam Khomeini’s set of thoughts, in what a niche the introversive and political hegira is situated in Shi’ite political culture: the study findings show that these two aspects of hegira have a lofty standpoint in the shi’ite political culture and in Imam Khomeini’s opinion introversive hegira is the prerequisite to the political hegira.


Imam Khomeini (peace be upon him), introversive hegira, political hegira, Shi’ite political culture.

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