It Ends Where It All Started: Mobility and Circularity in Their Eyes Were Watching God

Kouadio Germain N’GUESSAN


Mobility is central to Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching Go. It deploys how Janie, the heroine, trapped in racist and sexist environments, tries to construct her racial and gender identity through different marriages. From constructivist and psychoanalytic approaches, this article explores mobility as a means of identity construction for a heroine whose idealization of life and lack of realism lead her to suffer a moral, psychological and spiritual trauma, thereby, a crisis of identity. Then it shows the dynamic nature of the construction of identity as Janie is obliged to start afresh when she discovers that her men cannot help her achieve her goal. In so doing, she wears a new identity on each occasion. Her return to the house of her childhood following the failure of her different marriages provides, thus, her mobility with a circular or spiral character while revealing as a utopian project.    



mobility, circularity, constructivism, psychoanalysis, identity, utopia, realism.

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