Promoting Second Language Development in Fijian Classrooms

Manpreet Kaur, Priyatma Singh


In an endeavor to fathom the distinction between first language acquisition (L1), to that of second language acquisition (L2), scholars have examined and drawn attention to myriad theories. These theories can aid language facilitators here in Fiji to comprehend and recognize language learning and to assist their students in their language learning process. More so, this paper aims to discuss and weigh the diverse teaching approaches that exist and can promote Second Language Development (SLD). Firstly, it will consider four approaches namely the Grammar-translation, Reading, Community Language Teaching and the Total Physical Response. Secondly, it will highlight ideas from an instructor’s perspective on what needs to be done in the classroom to support SLD. Thirdly, it will look at the curriculum based on Fiji’s context and what the Ministry of Education (MOE) can do to encourage SLD in languages like English, French and Chinese that are offered to students in Fiji. Finally, it will assert that any given method is only effective as its implementation. The essay will conclude that for Second Language Development all relevant stakeholders need to collaborate for this to work at the end of the day.



Fiji, Second Language Development, Curriculum, Pedagogy, Language Instructor

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