Evaluation of Electronic Services Quality of Parsian Insurance in the field of execution and efficiency

Neda Kharmandar


The aim of this study was  evaluate the quality of electronic services of Parsian Insurance using E-S-QUAL tools for customers using electronic services. This research in dimension of time is sectional and in view of method is Survey Study.  In this research was statistical society of the customers of Parsian Insurance’s branches in Tehran City of which 170 persons are selected as sample based on Cochran Formula. Sampling method used in this research was cluster sampling method. So, at first, among branches of Parsian Insurance in Tehran City, four branches are selected accidentally and it is requested from different customers used electronic services of Parsian Insurance in Tehran City to fill up the questionnaire. The results of this research show that there is meaningful difference between expectations and services rendered by the customers used electronic services of Parsian Insurance in dimension of efficiency and execution. Research findings may help the insurance company to obtain the overall image from its services’ quality and compare it with expectations and comprehensions of the customers. Undoubtedly, recognition of challengeable and critical factors cause crack which may open the insurance programs conductance and compilation of strategies for limiting the quality crack. Such research findings may submit the proposals for improving the quality of services in insurance company for the managers. It seems that using suitable equipment in insurance company, holding educational courses while service, improving human resources management, progress of motivation and organizational obligation of the personnel and compilation of such insurance system protocols may decrease the crack of services’ quality and increase the customers’ satisfaction. Also, this research supplies good leader to similar studies for other insurance companies. Whatever we can conclude this research is that the services’ organizations such as insurance companies shall make effort to recognize correctly the requirements of the customers. Sometimes such organizations recognize that whatever is critical for the customers. Incorrect recognition cause dissatisfaction of the customers and increase the distance between real satisfaction of the customer and appropriate consent. By using E-S-QUAL model and quality evaluation in view of the customer and correct planning, amendment of the disorders and improvement of services’ quality will be possible.


Efficiency and Electronic Services’ Quality and Insurance.

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