Sociological Explanation for Cultural Consumption Patterns, With Emphasis on the Study of the Book (The Case of University Students in Kermanshah)

Ehsan Khanmohammadi, Mehri Shahryari


With regard to the role of research, as a key factor in the process of knowledge transfer socialization and cultural reproduction, human development, economic development, social and cultural rights, this study consists of a questionnaire, to evaluate the pattern of study, as one of the cultural consumption. Statistical society is students from two public and private universities (Razi) located in Kermanshah city who have to access them, multistage stratified sampling method was used. Based on the results, the study of public university students studying during the day was more than the students in Azad University. In addition, the highest and the lowest study were related to public university students to study in subject areas such popular works and works of non- academic. In contrast, the highest and the lowest reading Azad University students, respectively, related to academic text books and books with humor theme. Then, the test results showed that the correlation between the two variables strains of students studying patterns are not random, but also sociological factors such as socio-economic and cultural capital base, to give it as positive and negative.


Cultural Consumption, Pattern of Study, Cultural Capital, Social-Economic Status, Book.

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