Identifying and Explaining the Components of the Accountability of Public Sector Organizations in Islamic Republic of Iran

Abbas Monavarian, Naser Asgari, Abbas Nargesian, Mehrdad Gholami


Accountability of public sector organizations is one of the basic elements linking state and society. In addition, it represents developing of efficient and democratic state. Accordingly, this research is aimed to identify and explain the components of the accountability of Public Sector Organizations in I.R.I. The research method is applied and sequential mixed method (qualitative-quantitative). In this sense, developing model has been done qualitatively by grounded theory. Model testing has been done by confirmatory factor analysis through LISREL software. Sampling in the qualitative part has been done through snowball method and 10 academic experts of public administration were interviewed. Furthermore, 250 persons of executives and experts from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education have been selected randomly for validating the developed model. According to these results, components of accountability of government agencies include three components: transparency, responsiveness and compliance. Finally, some suggestions for developing the components of accountability in the public sector organizations (government agencies) have been presented.



Government agencies, Accountability, Transparency, Responsiveness, Compliance.

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