Issues related to privacy in Architecture of Girl Students’ Dormitories

Elham Haji Khodaverdi Khan, Seyyed Abbas Agha Yazdanfar, Ahmad Ekhlasi


This research is performed in order to review on issues related to privity in Architecture of Girl Students’ Dormitories. Qualitative research performance method was to reach the saturation from content analysis type and based on in-depth interview. Statistical society of this research was the students of Girl Students’ Dormitories of Iran University of Science and Industry that to reach the saturation, a number of eight girl students of this university’s dormitory were interviewed. The topics such as sense of the privity in dormitory in view of the Girl Students, equipment of their dormitory and its shortages, space most in use and most popular space in dormitory, how are the conditions of available rooms in dormitory, description of ideal room and space most in use for study and non-course affairs of the students and the sense of students with respect to the dormitory in view of the said fields in this research were explained. The results showed that the students’ dormitories of the said university are not designed based in the principles of privacy for girls and policy makers and planners of educational system shall pay attention more to this subject.



Students’ Dormitories, Principles of Privacy and Girls.

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