Comparing Coping Styles adolescents under the supervision of well-being and ordinary adolescents (Case Study of Tehran City)

Elham Mohammadyar, Mahmoud Jamali Firouzabadi


This research is the causal comparative or ex-post facto research type. The statistical society under research includes all girls’ teenagers under supervision of well-being organization and ordinary girls’ teenagers residing in Tehran City. Considering that the volume of sample in causal comparative researches is about 30 persons in any group, in this research, the volume of sample in any group is considered 90 persons. Therefore, totaling 180 persons in two groups, 90 ordinary girls’ teenagers and 90 girls’ teenagers under well-being organization are under studied. Sampling method in this research was simple and cluster accidental sampling. Data collection tools was standard questionnaire of Lazarus and

Folk man comparative strategies. Because the questionnaire was standard and it was not required to review its admissibility and its permanency is computed and confirmed only through Cronbach’s alpha. In this research, data description is performed using descriptive statistics (abundance and percent tables) and T-Test inferential statistics is used in order to assess the theories. The findings showed that with 95 % confidence, the girls’ teenagers under supervision of well-being  organization have more excitement-oriented comparative strategy than ordinary girls’ teenagers and but, ordinary girls’ teenagers have more issue-oriented copying strategy with respect to girls’ teenagers under supervision of well-being  organization. Such findings showed that the competent authorities and institutions should pay more attention to this vulnerable society.



Excitement-Oriented Coping Strategy and Issue-Oriented Coping Strategy and Students.

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