Establishment Quality Assurance System & Development of Internal Evaluation in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Hadi Alizaded Siyouki, Mohsen Keshavarz, Mohsen Rahimi


During the last two decades, many higher education systems in the world has attempted to evaluate and improve the quality of education, research and services at the university and higher education level. Countries which have been successful in these attempts have initiated continuous evaluation and applied internal evaluation as a basis for promoting quality culture. Quality assurance as a comprehensive term encompasses all policies, processes and actions maintaining and developing higher education quality. Quality assurance emphasizes on external goals of evaluation, one of which is to assure learners, public and government that each unit, department, program or institution manages its quality. Thus quality assurance focuses on accountability. In Iran, also, implementation of continuous evaluation projects started in 1996.Then; attempts were made to institutionalize departmental internal evaluation at the university level. This article describes importance of Quality Assurance and internal evaluation and necessity to conduct it and elaborates on challenges facing the development of Internal Evaluationin Iran.


Quality Assurance System, Internal Evaluation, Iran.

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