The relationship between recommender factor, with customer satisfaction and loyalty due to the moderating role of product-related knowledge and experience of online shopping

Kiyana Kaveh, Mehdi Naimi, Hosein Dideh Khani


Recommender factors have been used widely as an instrument of support in making decisions by many e-commerce sites and online applications. This study examines the moderating role of knowledge about products, and online shopping experience, As well as mediating role quality suggests and customer satisfaction in the relationship between recommender agents and customer loyalty. The method used in this research is a descriptive survey. The statistical population in this study is all online shoppers of digikala online store in Golestan province that their number is unlimited and due to the infinity of the statistical population, minimum sample size of (384) was considered. A standard questionnaire was used to collect data that its validity and reliability were approved. Structural Equation Modeling and Smart PLS software have been used to analyze the data. The results indicate that the recommender factors have a significant relationship with satisfaction and customer loyalty, and knowledge associated to the product, amends the relationship between quality and customer satisfaction.


recommender factors, customer satisfaction, product knowledge, experience of online shopping and customer loyalty.

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