Comparing technical, safety & health status of martial sports clubs in Isfahan with existing standard indicators

Maryam Karimi, Elham Moshkelgosha


Comparing of the  technical condition and safety and health in combat sports halls province with standard indicators, this project was aimed at comparing the technical, safety, and hygienic situation of martial arts saloons gyms) of Esfahan province with the  existing standard indices. The research method is of a descriptive nature and an applied purpose in which a measurement technique was used. To collect data, the verified questionnaire was used. The statistical population of this research consists of all private and multi-purpose gyms of Esfahan city. The number of statistical sample and population was the same and consists of 74 gyms. Colmogroof – Smirnouf test and first-grade confirmative factor analysis were used for statistical data analysis to examine the normality of data distribution in research variables; and for research questions, polunomial and monomial mean tests and Fridman test were used. All the above analyses were performed using script 18 SPSS software and AMOS software, in a meaningfulness level of P≤0.05. According to the obtained results about the gyms technical condition and safety martial Isfahan province can be concluded that this factor is moderate. Also on the status of health facilities gyms martial Isfahan Province According to the results, we can say that this factor is higher than average.


The hygienic, Safety and technical status, Martial arts saloons, Existing standard indices.

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