Investigation of Industrial Brands Advertisements based on a Social Semiotic Approach

Samar Kaberi, Seyed Nezamodin Emamifar


Advertisement is a necessary approach for promoting and selling products and introducing various services to intended audience nowadays. However, advertisement without paying due attention to the audience and their comprehension ability will prove ineffective. Semiotics, in addition to providing techniques for strengthening advertisement messages, is also effective in detecting hidden meanings or concealed values systems. This study examines advertisement tactics and techniques of industrial brands in their advertisement signs and billboards by use of social semiotic approach. In this study, after an overview of collected samples from printed advertisements on industrial brands billboards, the items were analyzed by use of Kress and Van Leeuwen analytical method based on social semiotic approach. And the methodology of this research was descriptive and analytical.


Graphical Advertisements, Social Semiotics, Persuasive Advertisement, Advertisement of industrial products.

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