The Impact of Globalization on Futurism and Major Drivers: A Survey

Amir Hushang Heidari


The Enlightenment and emergence of modern schools of cultural, economic, and political thoughts caused new ideas to be shaped in the world. A few centuries later, as soon as the knowledge spread and the information was disseminated in all stages of human life, a new phenomenon made different nations to have closer relationship with each other. This transformation of discourse and life style, called globalization, continued to have impact on all fields. Therefore, policy, economy and culture fell under the impact of The Global Village. It is a long time that the futurism as multi-dimensional, holistic line of thought has reinforced such a trend in its assumptions. The relationship between future studies and globalization has been examined by different scholars and many contrasting and supporting viewpoints were expressed about the impact of globalization on and its function for forecasting the future events. A large number of findings suggest that the dissemination of globalization makes people not to be concerned about time spans and geographical distances. And, the future events are not significantly affected by economic, political and cultural infrastructures since the meaning distinctions among these infrastructures are blurred by their overall convergence resulted from Globalization.


Futurism, globalization, culture, policy, economy.

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