Meta-Analytic Investigating of the Notion of "Terrorism"

Zahed Ghaffari Hashjin, Mohammad Aghaei


During the second half of the twentieth century up until today, the issue of terrorism and how to fight this phenomenon are among the most important priorities of all members of the international community, particularly the countries which have been victims of terrorism and especially the Islamic Republic of Iran which has been one of the biggest victims of terror, in a way that thinkers consider this phenomena among international threats, not in the field of internal affairs. Due to the importance of this phenomenon, unfortunately, a holistic definition that includes all aspects of this notion has not been provided in the books of scholars and not in international documents, so based on this fact, providing a comprehensive definition that would have included all the notions of terrorism is necessary. The main question of this study is that what are the main components of the notion of terrorism? The presented paper examines these facts by using the "meta-analysis" method and by using the descriptive-analytical approach. This paper concluded that in order to have a comprehensive definition of "terrorism", three basic components of lack of legitimate-defense, security-debugging, and strategy based on violence are required in explaining this idea.


Terrorism, meta-analysis, a comprehensive definition.

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