The Productivity Status of Iranian Academic Institutions

Reza Mahdi


Scientific Knowledge is the engine to growth and development, and is also the major solution to the socio-economic issues and problems. Based on the development history, great revolutions were closely linked with transformative breakthroughs in knowledge, which had a far-reaching impact on the rise and fall of a nation and the destiny of a country as well. The countries and nations that were able to seize the opportunity and achieve the socio-economic take-off had taken the lead in fulfilling progress and development. Academic disciplines, especially engineering disciplines, have key role in science and technology and knowledge creation. In this study, the status of engineering disciplines of Iranian state universities of technology is studied with survey method. Based on the analysis of the study, the effectiveness and efficiency of engineering disciplines is not balanced. The efficiency of engineering disciplines of Iranian universities is more than their effectiveness. Thus, the productivity of Iranian of scientific system is low. The entrepreneurship of academic institutes and engineering disciplines is not in suitable level. In Iran, promotion of the academic innovation and entrepreneurship is a key necessity. It is recommended that the effectiveness and efficiency of engineering disciplines are considered more than ever. It must be planned in a systematic approach by utilization of effective actions and initiatives to develop the efficiency and effectiveness of engineering disciplines concurrently. Also, It seems there aren’t operational road map and especial and effective program to execute, promote and monitoring the national science and technology policies.



Academic entrepreneurship, Productivity, Knowledge Production, Scientific System.

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