The Impact of Peace and Conflict in Cyprus on Turkey’s International Relations

Rekurd S. Maghdid


This paper is about a very significant subject that has influence on Turkey’s past, present and future. Cyprus issue, which became a dynamic of change in Turkey’s foreign policy, has impact on the evolution of Turkey’s international relations. From time to time this issue puts Turkey in trouble with some international organizations like the European Union, which Turkey tried a lot to get in. This paper answers the question how did and does Cyprus question affect Turkey’s international relations? The position of powerful countries within the context of time and place and their relations with Turkey concerning the island? Depending on some examples and truths from sufficient references, the paper shows very significant clues that, in one way or another, Cyprus issue have negatively and (rarely) positively affected Turkey’s international relations. Beginning with energy, this paper simplifies the fluctuating relations between Turkey and other countries involved in Cyprus issue. The most important entities which Cyprus dispute affected in their relations with Turkey are: the UN, the EU, the USA, Russia (USSR), Greece, Arab countries and Israel.



Cyprus issue, Turkey, UN, EU, and Greek Cypriots.

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