Pathology of Utilizing Information Technology in National Entrance Examination by Educational Testing Organization

Mozhgan Ghafari, Naser Asgari, Mehdi Kheirandish


The present study is conducted to address the pathology of the use of information technology in national entrance examination for educational testing organization and also it is among the quantitative and qualitative studies in terms of data collection. In order to address the issue the field methods and interviews are applied. In this study with regard to the novelty of the field of research and the lack of adequate theoretical and empirical literature in this area to obtain closer understanding of the reality, the theme analysis approach is applied. The study population (units of analysis) included the IT experts of the Educational Testing Organization. In this study a combination of purposive and theoretical sampling has been used. For interviews and finding research subjects snowball sampling method (which is one of the ways of purposive sampling) is applied. A total of 25 interviews are conducted and sampling continued until achieving the theoretical saturation and interpretability. Then the results of the data analysis are discussed. In this study the damages are addressed at three themes of technological, structural and human- social damages.



pathology, information technology, National Entrance Examination, Educational Testing Organization.

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